The rough-ringed stropharia is an easy-to-recognize mushroom with the characteristics you will find below. Note, however, that like all mushrooms, its appearance can vary depending on environmental conditions.

If in doubt, refrain from eating it and first ask a connoisseur for confirmation.

Its cap generally measures between 5 and 10 cm, but it can be up to 20 cm in diameter for the largest specimens. Convex at first, it flattens as it ages. As its name suggests, it has a wine-red color initially, which can tend towards light brown or beige when ripe, especially if it is dry.

Its stem is wide when young and appears smaller and smaller as the cap evolves. The color of the spores is dark brown/purple.

Its flesh is white, firm and thick.

Wikipedia description:

"The cap, which can measure up to 20 cm in diameter, is first bell-shaped or convex, then spreads out while often remaining slightly umbonate. It is a little viscidulate and irregularly covered with whitish velar remains, then becomes crackly with age. It is mahogany to vinous purplish when fresh, and progressively paler, tan, or even almost cream as it ages, more yellow when dry. The margin is very clearly rolled then curved, and long appended with remains velar. The blades are adnate and white, then grey-purple. The stipe, which is equal or sometimes clavate towards the base, measures between 5 and 18 cm long and 1 to 3 cm thick. It bears a persistent upper ring , ample and membranous, which is often segmented or toothed below and furrowed or streaked above. This is white, but quickly blackened by sporea. The base of the foot is connected to numerous white mycelial cords. Its surface is ochraceous yellow and finely scaly above the ring, and glabrous or fribrillous below. The flesh is white, thick and quite firm. It has a sweet or slightly bitter and raphanoid flavor. Its smell is initially quite indistinct, more or less metallic, then similar to that of dried porcini mushrooms as it ages. The sporea is very dark gray-purple."