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recette de pleurote pannées
RECIPES #1 - The Mycosphere

Oyster mushrooms

Ingredients (4 people)

• 250 gr of oyster mushrooms • 12 sprigs of fresh chives • 2 sprigs of fresh parsley • 2 eggs • 2 tbsp oil/butter • 6 tbsp of breadcrumbs • 1 lemon • Salt pepper

Preparation (10min)

1. Chop the parsley and chives. Mix them herbs with breadcrumbs, salt and pepper.

2. Beat the eggs in a bowl.

3. Dip the oyster mushrooms one by one into the beaten eggs, then in the breadcrumbs.

4. Brown the oyster mushrooms in a pan in oil 2 minutes on each side until they dare very crispy Accompany with a yogurt-based sauce, green onions, cordiander lemon juice.

Recipe #2 - The Mycosphere


Ingredients (4 people)

250 gr of shiitakes or oyster mushrooms • 1 tbsp. tbsp olive oil 2 cloves of garlic • 1 shallot • Salt, pepper • Lemon • Parsley

Preparation (10min)

1. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces. Bring them back a few minutes in the pan in hot oil.

2. On a lower heat, add crushed garlic and shallot. Brown for a few minutes. YOU can also deglaze with white wine at this stage, the taste goes perfectly with that of the mushrooms.

3. Add salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon, chopped parsley leaves. Mix everything either in a blender or crush with a fork.

Serve a once cooled on toasted toast On toast, sandwiches, in mezzes, etc. A delight! If your kids don't like the texture of mushroom, try this recipe to convince them: guaranteed success!

recette pleurote à la canelle
Recipe #3 - GraspHopper

Oyster Mushroom with Cinnamon


200g oyster mushrooms • 1 shallot • 1 clove of garlic • Chopped fresh parsley (flat or curly) • 100ml of milk (animal or vegetable) • 400ml of cream (animal or vegetable) • 1 cinnamon stick • 4 tablespoons of cane sugar • 4 teaspoons of ground cinnamon • 2 tablespoons cornstarch • 2 level teaspoons of agar-agar • 1 tablespoon olive oil (flavored truffle, if you like) Salt • Pepper


Peel and slice the garlic and shallot.

In a saucepan, brown the garlic, shallot, parsley and mushrooms in the oil until the mushrooms are tender. returned their water (+/- 10 minutes).

Salt and pepper Separately, in another saucepan, dilute the cornstarch with the milk.

Add the cream, agar-agar and cinnamon stick Bring to a boil for 30 seconds.

Add the preparation with the mushrooms to the mixture cream-milk.

Remove the cinnamon stick (do not throw it away! Rinse it in water, dry it and use it to make a garland, to decorate your table...).

Mix everything to obtain a smooth and homogeneous texture. Pour the preparation into the different ramekins Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Mix the sugar and ground cinnamon

Spread 1 tablespoon of cinnamon sugar on top of each ramekin.

Caramelize with a blowtorch or under the oven grill for a few minutes.

Serve with lamb's lettuce

Good tasting !

recette velouté de pleurote
Recipe #4 -

Mushroom soup with garlic and thyme


200g mushrooms • 1 onion • 6 sprigs of thyme • 200ml crème fraîche (or heavy cream, or vegetable cream) • In a little water • butter or olive oil • salt and pepper

optional: 1 bunch of watercress cloves of garlic


Sweat the onions in butter in a large saucepan.

Cut the mushrooms into small pieces and keep the tails in the freezer for future broth.

Place mushrooms, garlic and thyme in the saucepan, cover with water and cook for 15 minutes at a low simmer.

Mix, add fresh cream and water until the texture is reached desired.

Chop a bunch of watercress and mix with the soup.

Taste, add salt and pepper and taste again (do not hesitate to add thyme!)

Good tasting !

recette pleurote facon pulled pork
Recipe #5 -

Pulled Pork Style Oyster Mushrooms


400 g black pearl or Eryngii mushrooms 40 g shallot • 1 C. tbsp smoked paprika • 1 C. tbsp cane sugar • 40 g barbecue sauce • 1 C. tbsp olive oil • 150 ml water


For the pan version Cut the cap (to keep for a fry for example) and shred

the foot using a fork, to obtain irregular matches.

In the pan, heat the oil, brown the finely chopped shallot, then add the mushrooms and smoked paprika.

Bring back a few minutes, then add the rest of the ingredients, diluting the barbecue sauce in the water.

Reduce over low heat, covered but not completely, for around twenty minutes.

Be very careful at the end of cooking: you must stir regularly to evaporate without burning.

When the sauce is thick and covers the pieces of mushroom well, remove from the heat and serve.

For the oven version as for the pan version, shred the stems of the oyster mushrooms, then place in a baking dish, mixing with 2 tbsp. soup oil and paprika.

Cook at 200°C for around 20 minutes, until the mushrooms are cooked and slightly crispy.

Then add the barbecue sauce diluted in 75 ml of water, and monitor stirring regularly until you obtain a thick, syrupy mixture.

Serve hot, as a burger garnish or on a whole plate.

To slip into a burger or a gourmet mixed plate.

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